• Raj Purohit

    Real Estate Advisor, Human Rights Lawyer, Innovation Strategist and Tottenham Fan

    “What do you do?”

    I used to be able to answer that quite simply: “I am a human rights lawyer.”
    However, several years ago I began to realize that I had many more interests that I wanted to make a part of my daily life.


    So I decided to do things differently; I decided to give myself the opportunity to diversify as long as I followed three rules: 


    1. Ensure the quality of work in every area is of the highest standard
    2. Do not overstretch
    3. Maintain a healthy work-family life balance


    So now when I am asked what I do, my response is that I run a real estate business (as a commercial and residential agent), teach human rights/ national security classes at Washington College of Law/ American University, act as an informal advisor to emerging leaders from the policy, political and business spheres and engage in other projects that I find interesting.

    A little more complicated? Sure.

    A better reflection of the things that drive me? Absolutely.

    This website has been designed to be a space online for me to discuss and analyze the subjects that interest me and as a way for you to engage and connect with me.


  • Real Estate

    Residential and Commercial Real Estate Advisor

    Raj About Real Estate

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    My real estate business spans the residential, commercial and investment sectors.

    Licensed in Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia, I leverage my real estate/professional experience and academic background to ensure my clients attain their real estate goals.

    My current affiliation is with Keller Williams Capital Properties, an innovative and cutting edge brokerage.

    I have the knowledge, experience and connections to handle virtually any real estate matter that comes to me. Please feel free to drop me an email to raj@rajabout.com or give me a call (240) 486-3921 to talk.
    Additionally, you will find some interesting material on my Facebook Real Estate Page and Twitter.

  • Foreign Policy

    Human Rights Lawyer, Professor, Washington School of Law, American University

    Raj About Foreign Policy

    My belief is that U.S. foreign policy should be built around a strong human rights core and should not run counter to international law.

    Having attained legal degrees from the University of Sussex (LL.B.) and Washington College of Law/ American University (LL.M.), successfully passed the New York State Bar and held leadership positions at several high profile rights organizations, I teach human rights advocacy and national security classes at WCL.

    Additionally, I engage in select projects in the foreign policy arena as an advisor on policy and political initiatives.

    Image courtesty: Photo by Kmf164, taken on February 1, 2006.

  • Innovation

    Raj About Innovation

    In sectors as diverse as green energy, social media/branding and issue campaign development, I am fascinated and inspired by those who work to find new solutions to societal problems.
    My work in this space is varied and I am looking for opportunities to observe, collaborate and engage.

  • Not Work!

    More To Life!

    From futbol and travel to cooking and writing, there are a host of things that I like doing in my spare time. I am currently working on a new spy novel (which I hope to have published this year), run a community blog (www.bethesdaactually.com) and have also blogged and written about futbol/soccer.
    My book “Beckham and the Conquest of America” is available on amazon.com


    Image: Mosaic decoration on Tottenham Court Road tube station Central line westbound platform. The design is by Eduardo Paolozzi. Sunil060902; Original art by Eduardo Paolozzi.

  • How to get in touch.

    You can email Raj at raj [at symbol] rajabout [dot] com, phone (240) 486 3921 or connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter below.




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